Education Students in the Union of Education Norway (Pedagogstudentene i Utdanningsforbundet)


The Education Students (ES) in the Union of Education Norway is a politically independent trade union, working to promote the interests of student teachers and ensure that its member’s legal rights are secured.


The members of ES include everyone who is studying to become a teacher or a pedagogue, working within the educational system. As an organization, the Education Students has a clear opnion about the educations of the students it represents and what it takes to improve these educations.


High quality within the educations is important. Therefore, the Education Students must be a visible political participant, not only when it comes to the education of it’s members, but also in discussions involving the future professions of it’s members.





Union of Education Norway




Pedagogstudentene i Utdanningsforbundet
Postboks 9191 Grønland, 0134 Oslo
Tlf: +47 24 14 22 90


Hedda Eia Vestad

Ruben Amble Hirsti
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